"Ready to learn. Ready to thrive. Ready for tomorrow."

At Egerton we aspire to create an inclusive environment where all students and staff can flourish. We strive to nurture curious minds, so that all children leave school as confident, compassionate and globally aware citizens.


Significant work has taken place over the past 3 years, including action research, to refresh our curriculum design in line with our school vision. It is clearly set out, ambitious, distinctive and defines the approach to teaching and learning through six aspects with ‘self-determination’ and ‘disruptive pedagogy’ at its heart. Alongside this we use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a way of organising children’s learning and providing challenge.


Interwoven within our educational ethos are global considerations encompassing children’s rights and the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals, enriching our approach with complexity and diversity. At Egerton, our commitment to sustainability is embodied in our unique approach where each class is named after a continent, symbolising our dedication to fostering global awareness and interconnectedness. Our comprehensive framework for supporting Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) is guided by the principles outlined in The Equality Act 2010 and the SEN Code of Practice 2014. Additionally, we fervently advocate for mental health awareness and well-being, ensuring an inclusive educational environment that caters to the holistic needs of every student. This holistic approach underscores our mission to empower all pupils, fostering an environment where every individual thrives, while nurturing a deep understanding of global citizenship and sustainability.


Aims of our curriculum

At Egerton, we aim to provide a curriculum which enables  all children to make progress and attain exceptional outcomes. Knowledge and skills are carefully planned and sequenced so that our children’s prior learning is built on and through the application of key skills, used and applied. We aim to provide all of our children with the skills and knowledge to enable them to thrive and flourish in whichever pathway they choose for their future.

Our curriculum is broad, balanced and enriched with a strong approach to global learning including the teaching of Spanish from Year 1 to Year 6 and the work of our partnership with Egerton Primary School in Kenya. It is important that children are supported and actively encouraged to be curious about the world they live in. Global learning at Egerton is like a golden thread running through all aspects of the curriculum involving local, national and global aspects. The staff work hard to ensure that we are responsive as a team to provide every child with learning opportunities to think critically and gain an accurate world view.

The school has a thoughtful and wide-ranging promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and their physical well-being enables pupils to thrive as individuals and collectively. Children are actively encouraged to be curious, to gain a sense of fascination of themselves and the world around them. All children run a ‘Daily Mile’ which supports a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The aspects as defined by British Values; Respect, Tolerance, Social Justice, Right to vote and Democracy are threaded through our curriculum. In reality, of course, there are few, if any, values that are exclusively British. There may be some national traits and characteristics, but what we hold dear and important is also true of most other nationalities, races and creeds. These are basic, human, universal values of decency and care of one person for another, for family, peaceful community and social cohesion.

Every day at Egerton is filled with richness and complexity. Children actively engage in sharing their learning adventures with their parents through Seesaw, an online platform that offers a window into their school experiences. This connection allows parents to complement their child's learning journey at home effectively. For our youngest learners in Reception, this interaction is facilitated through Tapestry. This seamless integration ensures that all parents remain closely connected to their children's educational progress, fostering a collaborative approach between home and school.

At Egerton, both Infant and Junior children participate in regular Physical Education (PE) sessions, including swimming lessons exclusively for Junior children, which are taught by specialist staff. Additionally our Year 6 pupils take on the role of "PhysKids," leading and facilitating games for younger children every Tuesday and Thursday. Our sports program encompasses a wide range of activities such as football, netball, athletics, dance, tennis, and swimming. Teams regularly engage in tournaments and competitions, showcasing the high standard of sportsmanship across the school. Mid-week matches against other schools provide opportunities for students to represent Egerton, with all children eager to participate given the chance to do so.


If you wish to learn more about our curriculum please refer to school policies and the global learning page. Below you can find the long term plans for the learning of all children at Egerton Primary.


Mrs Sedgwick

Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum Lead

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