Whilst not being part of the National Curriculum it is mandatory that schools in the UK encounter Religious Education through a class lesson and school assemblies each week. Collective Worship is legally required to take place every school day and ‘shall be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’ (1988 Education Act).The Religious Education syllabus is set by local education authorities and at Egerton we follow the Cheshire East syllabus and Scheme of Work.

Religion and personal beliefs are key to making each individual who they are. As a non-faith school we aim to explain the beliefs behind three different religions as set out in the Cheshire East scheme of work. We do not aim to persuade children to choose a religion, it is for parents or each individual, as they become mature, to make these decisions for themselves. This makes the children more aware and accepting of the different lives and choices of others and gives them an insight as to how many of the festivals celebrated in our multi-cultural society came to be.

At Egerton we focus on three main religions. From Reception to Year 6 all children are taught about Christianity. This may be through assemblies led by members of the Knutsford churches, or through class lessons. A variety of other religious festivals may be visited during a child’s time at Egerton, depending on the interests of individuals in the cohort. From Year 2 Hinduism is added to the curriculum, and throughout Key Stage 2 Judaism is also included. Whilst these are the key religions studied, other religions, such as Islam and Buddism, may be visited by your child during their time at Egerton. Lessons are enhanced through role-play, visits and hands on experiences with religious artefacts.

Upcoming Open the Book sessions:

The Man Who Came Back- 5th October 2023

Waiting for a Friend- 16th November 2023

Lazurus - Friend of Jesus-  25th January 2024
Easter - 7th March 2024
The Good Shepherd- 23rd April 2024
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector - 20th June 2024

Below, you will find the Curriculum and Outcomes attached for this subject.

This document lists how the objectives of the National Curriculum are covered throughout each year group and each half-term. You will also find an overview of the subject areas covered and the key outcomes expected for each child to be considered working at the expected standard.

Alongside this document, staff utilise the vocabulary and skills progression created by subject leaders during their planning and assessment. These progression documents are in place to ensure that all learning is differentiated appropriately, builds upon previous years and leads into the next, and fully covers the National Curriculum and beyond.

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