2016 Visit

A team of 13 visited Kenya in February 2016. This diverse team is an example of how far reaching the work of the partnership has become. Check out the blogs on the School Blogs link.

Egerton School Knutsford - Alison Hooper - previous Headteacher, Victoria Shelmerdine - Y2 teacher and Lesley Davies - Teaching Assistant represented the school in teaching and learning to work collaboratively with the staff to deliver a very special project - 'The Love of Reading'. Alison led a training session for 15 schools linked with schools in Cheshire East focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. This training had already been delivered to their partner schools.

Little Bollington Primary School - a teacher and a Governor from this school visited their partner school, Ndege Primary School. This partnership was forged by the Headteachers of both Egerton Primary Schools in 2009 and is stiil as strong as ever.

St Mary's School, Middlewich - two teachers visited their partner school, St Augustine's School. This partnership has also been going strong since 2009.

Tatton Farm, Tatton Park - Jayne Chapman, Farm Manager of Tatton Park visited Tatton Research Farm on the Campus of Egerton University, also founded by Maurice Egerton. This visit helped to discover more information about the work of this farm to share with visitors at Tatton Park.

Manchester Metropolitan University - Professor Paul Hooper (Environmental Management and Sustainability) forged a link with the Department of Environmental Resources at Egerton University.

Roberts Bakery - James Occleston, the son of a director and Roberts family member and a member of their health team visited the school. This was to lay plans for the next bread project to be delivered at the school in 2018. Lessons on personal hygiene were shared. James was involved in paiting a classroom.

Parents - Wayne Platt, dad to Macy in Year 2, visited the school. He was eager to join the visit following the visit of two parents in 2014. Wayne worked with James to paint a classroom and both were actively involved in 'The Love of Reading' project.