Global Learning

Why is Global Learning important?

Today’s children and young people are growing up in an uncertain and rapidly changing world. Shifting global powers, a globalised economy and global challenges like climate change and poverty mean they will be faced with difficult choices in their lives, choices that will have repercussions for them and the rest of humanity.

It is important that children are supported and actively encouraged to be curious about the world they live in. Global learning at Egerton is like a golden thread running through all aspects of the curriculum involving local, national and global aspects. The staff work hard to ensure that we are responsive as a team to provide children with an accurate world view.

In our most recent inpsection in June 2015 Ofsted recognised this aspect as a key strength:

‘The curriculum is very broad and supports pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well. They have a wide understanding of the world around them as a result of the many trips, visits and clubs the school offers. The school is recognised as an Expert Centre for the National Global Learning Programme for its positive contribution to a globalised world within the school curriculum. This enhances pupils’ lives and gives them an understanding of both the challenges and the wonders of the world. Pupils are rightly proud of the links the school has with a school in Kenya and enthusiastically and readily talk about it.’

How Global Learning can improve learning 

Over recent years there have been a large number of studies conducted into the impact of international education work in UK schools. Egerton participated in a significant number of these studies which revealed a number of benefits:

Global learning contributes towards improved reading, writing and communication skills - Leaners are especially motivated because they are 'writing for a purpose' about real life circumstances. Children are supported well to develop critical thinking skills to connect their sense of identity in their local context to that of a national and global context to understand their place in the world.

Global learning improves the performance of under-achieving learners - increased levels of engagement, entusiasm, confidence and motivation in turn boost self-esteem amongst usually low attainers. 

Global learning enhances skills that are relevant in a global economy - a significant study carried out by NFER concluded that schools engaged in a global school partnership compared to those that did not concluded that pupils generally had a clearer understanding of interdependence and how our actions impact on those in poorer countries for example in areas of trade or the environment. 

Global Learning helps improve motivation - learners want to share ideas and work with the children in their partner school. The quality of learning and their work is enhanced becasue it has a real purpose. This also serbes to enhance relationships between staff and the children.

Global learning raises awareness and understanding of different cultures and religions - global learning is essentially a golden thread that weaves throughout the curriculum at our school. This approach supports children to develop and deepen their knowledge and therefore their respect for different cultural beliefs and practices. They recognise the similarities and differences between their lives and their peers. They are better able to question racism and racist attitudes.

Global learning makes the curriculum more stimulating and enhances the ethos of our school -  the curriculum gain a richness and relevance that inspires and motivates children and staff. 

Global learning enhances engagement with our local community of Knutsford - Tatton Park was the home of the Egerton family. Our school was the first school in the town founded by Lord Wilbraham Egerton in 1893. The last Lord Egerton of Tatton, Maurice had an estate in Kenya and built a primary school for the children of his estate workers in 1939. The discovery of this school was a revelation to us and to the local community and was celebrated in many ways - not least with a garden at the RHS Show at Tatton Park in 2006 and was awareded a gold medal! The Local community is aware of our unique link and has supported this in many ways over the years. 

Alison Hooper on the National Global Learning Programme

Egerton Primary School Knutsford is an Expert Centre for the National Global Learning Programme (GLP) and has been since 2014.

In this video Alison Hooper, previous Headteacher at Egerton, discusses the importance of global learning with Clive Belgeonne, GLP National Leader for the North of England.

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