2023 Visit

Our shared project of the child’s right to thrive was a huge success! Mrs Broadbent and Miss Dixon were teaching every day focusing on:

  • Sharing our children’s experiences during Covid times and capturing theirs too
  • Looking at wellbeing and how we can contribute to the – ‘Relax Kinds’ materials that we use here were used including yoga too
  • The art project focused on wellbeing to and the school assigned a room for this. The work started by our art club run by Mrs Sumser was carried on. A giant butterfly mural was created and a flock of beautiful small butterflies were displayed on all walls to create such a calm beautiful space.

The children were thrilled to receive the signed parachute from our children. They enjoyed reading their names and positive messages. This inspired them to sign the parachute to bring back here!

It was a very busy time that extended into the half term break. We were able to visit two other schools in Nakuru. Racetrack Primary’s Headteacher was the Deputy at Egerton at the start of our partnership. They have 2500 children on roll. Madaraka Primary’s Headteacher is Florence Kimani, who had been Headteacher at Egerton for 14 years and had been the driving force behind our partnership. Her school is in a slum area of extreme poverty and has 1450 children. The Multiflex team and Cameron, a parent from our school, joined us for these visits so there was a great deal of excitement with lots of football and dancing!

The team this visit certainly looked after each other but created amazing learning experiences as well as benefiting from such a unique experience!

The return visit for the Kenyan teachers to visit our school is scheduled for November this year if we can raise enough money.

We are hoping to arrange a very special event in May to help achieve this. If you want to learn more please visit the Foundation website where Mutliflex’s involvement and others is detailed.