The Egerton Schools' Foundation

The Egerton Schools’ Foundation has been created to sustain in perpetuity the strong and established partnership between Egerton Primary School, Knutsford, UK and Egerton School, Njoro, Kenya.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote an equitable, enriched and sustainable approach to the high quality global education of children in both schools.

Key areas of focus for the Foundation are:

  • The development of an enriched global curriculum supported by joint project work, enhanced teacher training and the maintenance of visits between schools.
  • The provision of better infrastructure at Egerton, Njoro, to improve the learning environment and aid communication between the schools.
  • Increasing the impact of the partnership within the local communities in both countries and across wider professional organisations.

The partnership between the schools has been established since 2006. To date it had been financially supported via successfully aquired grants from the British Council and the Department for International Development. Now, at the end of the Government supported funding cycle, The Egerton Schools’ Foundation has been established to continue the outstanding work that has been initiated. 

Please visit the Foundation's website for more information

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