(MHWB) Mental Health and Wellbeing.

At Egerton Wellbeing is a school priority. 

Our Wellbeing Lead is Mrs Broadbent, Senior Leader  (Wellbeing and Senior Mental Health Lead)  (PHSE/RSE, SEND, Safeguarding, Safe and Happy)

We have a 3 step tiered approach to support this area through.

1. Quality First Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum for all- PHSE Jigsaw Curriculum (Please see 'Curriculum Tab' for further information)

2. Targeted support - Led by Mrs Broadbent and supported by our dedicated ELSA Team (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants Mrs Davies, Mrs Bagnall, Mrs Bainbridge Sales) as well our Inclusion Team Teaching Assistants, who provided targeted work and support within lessons and small group focus sessions. 

3. Wider Strategies - Led by Mrs Broadbent Wellbeing Lead. These strategies include guiding additional targeted support in school, referrals to other professionals and specialists, signposting to information and organisations that can provide parents and carers with guidance and support. 

4. Bespoke Strategies - Please liaise with Mrs Broadbent. This approach is further supported by Mrs Hooper, Headteacher and teacher assemblies, the work of our 'Safe and Happy' Ambassadors, the focus of our 'Wellbeing Action Team', information shared in our half term 'Wellbeing Newsletter'. We will always listen and respond to the needs of our children and families. 


At Egerton Primary School, embedded with our PHSE Curriculum is an 'SEL' Social and Emotional Literacy Curriculum'. Please see under 'Curriculum' Tab link to PHSE. Our 'Safe and Happy' Ambassadors meet twice each half term also to support keeping safe and feeling happy. 

Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team incorporate school leaders, school teachers, staff, parents, governors and members of our PTA.  Please see Wellbeing Team Action Plan and Wellbeing Statement of Intent below.  Our Wellbeing Policy can be found on our 'Policies Tab'

We have appointed a Wellbeing Lead (Mrs Elizabeth Broadbent). Mrs Broadbent is our trained senior mental health lead. This role supports our whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing with the aim of supporting the mental wellbeing of pupils, students and staff, and best use of resources.  Mrs Broadbent also holds the role of SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Curriculum Leads for PHSE/RSE, Designated Safeguarding Lead). These combined roles enable us to have a co-ordinated approach and bring together key areas that support pupil and staff wellbeing. 

Sources of Guidance/Support

Children and young people


For families

Please find link to Cheshire East Mental Health for adults - advice, support, links. Full list:

Chesire East Emotionally Healthy Children and Young People

Parent or child mental health, agencies:

Mental Health Support for Families:



Parenting advice from child mental health experts

This app covers a range of areas that can support and guide parents:


Advice from Emotional Health Charities

Visyon is a charity that supports the emotional health of children, young people and their families

Family team advice. Parent webinars over Zoom which you watch live or watch recorded. Workshops for parents on lots of topics including children's sleep and transition to high school!


Parent Wellbeing


Please also see attached:

  • Statement of Intent and Policy
  • Wellbeing Team Action Plan 
  • Vysion Parent Flyers 
  • Cheshire One You Wellbeing 

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