Year 5 2020 - 2021

Miss Capper



This half term Year 5 are going to travel back in time to discover more about the ancient civilization of the Maya.


Mantle of the expert

Year 5 have been commisioned by the Department of Education to share their thoughts and learning about the Ancient Maya.
As part of the National Curriculum schools can choose to study a non-European society that provides contrast with British history.
The Department of Education has asked children to gather research and information and then present their findings to answer the question: why should children study the Ancient Maya?



Five enquiry questions

During this theme, Year 5 will discover the answers to these five enquiry questions.

Why did the Maya empire grow when so much of the land they lived in was mountain and jungle?


What was life like at the height of the Mayan civilisation?


Why were the Maya seen as inventors?


Did the Mayans leave a lasting legacy?


Why did the Maya civilisation collapse?



Useful websites for additional information




During the first half of the autumn term, Year 5 will discover the answers to these five questions.

1) How many countries are the in North America?
2) Which country is the largest/smallest in size?
3) Which country has the greatest/smallest population?
4) Which city is the largest/smallest in size?
5) Which city has the greatest/smallest population?

Please see the attached file called 'North America Knowledge Organiser' to learn more about this facinating continent.



Additional information

  • PE days - Thursday and Friday



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