Year 2 2021 - 2022

Miss Garvey

Fighting Fit

Our first theme for this amazing new year in Year 2 is 'Fighting Fit'. The key driving subject this half term is science as the children are going to explore the 'Animals including humans' unit. This includes finding out about different offspring, healthy diets and what animals and humans need to survive. The children are going to take part in six different scientific enquiries over the next seven weeks to investigate these questions: 

Identifying & Classifying What makes a balanced diet?

Identifying and Classifying: Which off-spring belongs to each animal?

Pattern Seeking: Do longer legs make you a faster runner?  

Observation Over Time: Do you eat a balanced and healthy diet in a week?

Research: What do animals and humans need to survive?

They will use their scientific skills to present their findings in different ways such as matching, sequencing, data tables and posters.

The children are going to take part in a design and technology project to research and plan their favourite pizzas. From this, they will prepare their own pizza by cutting, chopping, grating and using their favourite ingredients before enjoying their tasty treat. This will link with their writing unit where the children are going to devise a set of instructions on how to make their perfect pizza. 

In Geography, the children are going to re-cap the learning covered in Year 1 by labelling a world map with its oceans and continents. They will also use accurate positional language to describe where the continents are in relation to one another. As well as this the children are going to have a go at drawing a 'memory map' for the first time using their map skills. 

In Music, the children are going to practice their skills of pulse, pitch and tempo by identifying high and low pitch sounds, tapping out the pulse to a piece of music and exploring a variety of different songs. 

It is a very exciting half term ahead and we can't wait to get started! 



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