To keep up with the constant changes in technology over recent years, the ICT curriculum has also had to change quite dramatically. The use of information and communication technology is an integral part of the national curriculum and is a key skill for everyday life. Gone are the days of teaching the children how to use a mouse, children are now entering school with higher level skills and the ability to manipulate technology through the use of devices such as tablets and ipads etc. In response to this, and with the children's future in mind, this curriculum has been redeveloped with and increased focus on computing.
Here at Egerton, we believe that children should:
~be equipped to use technology as a tool to enhance and improve work quality, efficiency and lifestyle.
~understand how to use all technology safely and responsibly, especially online communication technologies. (see e-safety policy)
~have an understanding of how computers and networks function, and how they can be programmed to complete tasks.
Building on this knowledge and understanding, children are equipped to use information technology to create programs, use systems and present a range of content across the curriculum. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design & technology.
Computers, tablets, programmable robots, digital and video cameras are a few of the tools that we use to acquire, organise, store, manipulate, interpret, communicate and present information at Egerton.

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