The English National Curriculum consists of the following 4 main areas:

Spoken Language (speaking and listening)
Reading (word reading and comprehension)
Writing (transcription and composition) 
Vocabulary, punctuation and grammar

At Egerton these areas are taught within discrete daily English lessons as well as across a range of curriculum subjects through topic based teaching.

Children are taught to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others, and through their listening others can communicate with them. Literature plays an important role in our teaching of English as many units of work are centred around one specific book or author. Other untis of teaching will be based around topic work or current issues effecting the World. This approach not only allows the children to carry out an in-depth study but also gives them the opportunity to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Across the school reading is taught through whole class reading sessions. Within EYFS and Key Stage 1 (and Key Stage 2 when necessary) phonics is taught daily through the process of Review, Teach, Practice and Apply. Phonics sessions follow the objectives of the new National Curriculum and a phonics programme. Children in EYFS and KS1/KS2 are assessed using the PM Benchmarking resources; these determine acurate fluency and comprehension skills resulting in the children being given a levelled band. The children move through the levelled bands until they reacch the final stage and become a 'free reader'. The children then choose their own reading books from book shelves within classrooms and these are monitored through their Reading Journals. 
In Key Stage 2 daily whole class reading sessions are carried out which involves the children taking part in discussions, answering comprehension questions and reading aloud. These can be adult supported or independent activities. In addition to reading sessions within the school day we promote wider reading through the use of the school and local library as well as through reading homework. We strive to promote a love of Reading in everything we do. 

To develop the children’s stamina and skills to write at length and use accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar, they are exposed to a variety of genres and text types. Writing tasks have a clear audience and purpose in which children are challenged to adapt their use of language and style of writing to create high quality, original and imaginative pieces. 

This teaching of English at Egerton aims to provide children with a clear understanding of the spoken and written word as well as develop a life-long enjoyment of reading.

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