Year 6 2023 - 2024

Mrs Sedgwick

Our topic is: 

The Industrial Revolution

We will be invesigating the following questions: 

 Enquiry Questions

  1. What were the main changes that took place during this time?
  2. Children working in Victorian factories: was it as bad as they tell us?
  3. If life was so hard for families in the towns why did so many leave the countryside?
  4. Railways: who were the winners and losers?
  5. What can we learn about Victorian times from schools, workhouses and climbing boys?
  6. The Victorian Era: Dark Age or Golden Age?

We are learning about Victorian Britain because this was a really significant period of huge change in industry and technology, with amazing inventions that we still use today. But it was also a time of huge divisions between rich and poor, when the population more than doubled and many people moved from the countryside to the towns in search of work in the new factories. It was during this period that Britain became the first global super-power producing much of the worlds coal iron and textiles. At home family life was very important and many of the wealthier Victorians became concerned about social problems and pushed through lots of reforms in health, policing and prisons and protected the poor child labour.

Our class book this half term is "Street Child" by Bertie Doherty 


Our Artist is LS Lowry
Remember to check Seesaw for posts about our learning, as well as announcements, homework and additional information.

Mrs Sedgwick



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