Day 5

Date: 16th Feb 2018 @ 5:24pm

Day 5:

Today we have spent the day in Nairobi at the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development! We were asked to design a poster to show all the work we had done this week at Egerton with other schools. What do you think of our poster? We felt so proud sharing all the children's work and photographs! There were other partner schools there too so we got to learn what they had been doing this week.  

Afterwards, we were invited to meet the CEO, Julius Jwan and Tedman Aloo, who is the British Council School Partnership Manager for all of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Julius Jwan is interested in using the Egerton partnership as a model for new and developing partnerships! How exciting! 

Challenge: Tomorrow we are heading to Lake Nakuru. What animals do you think we might see? What are the Big Five? There's a big clue hanging in the school hall!