Day 4

Date: 15th Feb 2018 @ 4:04pm

Day 4:

This morning, we continued teaching the children about the 17 sustainable development goals. We went outside on the school field and completed an activity showing the interconnection of all the goals. The children stood in a circle each holding one of the goals. Working as a team, the children had to think critically to link the goals together. The end result was a giant spider web. The children were excellent at explaining the links between the goals and they understood how achieving one goal can have a positive impact on the rest. 

At lunch, we face timed the school so we could say a big hello! It was lovely to see all your smiling faces!

Challenge: Tomorrow we have a presentation to deliver at the British Embassy in Nairobi. Find out the population of Nairobi and Manchester. What is the difference? Round it to the nearest thousand!