Day 1

Date: 12th Feb 2018 @ 3:39pm

Day 1 at Egerton Primary School, Njoro Today, we woke up to beautiful sunshine & blue skies in Njoro! We were all extremely excited to get to school and see all the teachers and children! We received a warm welcome from everyone.

The very special news was that Mrs Kimani is now not the Headteacher as she is studying for her Masters degree and she has to study all of the time. Mr Kagiri, who is the new headteacher at Egerton, met with us and took us to meet the children in different classes. He was Headteacher at Njoro DEB who was linked with Wincham Primary School and was already a good friend of the Egerton Primary partnership.

After meeting some of the classes, we visited reception on their break time! Multiflex joined us and we all enjoyed a dance and a play! After lunch, we went to class 6 (the equivalent to year 5) and we talked to them about the sustainable development goals and clean, renewable energy. We will be going back tomorrow to teach them more about the sustainable development goals and solar energy.

We also visited the school library and it was lovely to see the books that were given as a gift from you all in our 2016 visit. The library has changed so much and the shelves include your books from the last visit and photographs of the classes at Egerton, Knutsford on the wall! We passed along all of your books and bookmarks to Edith, the school librarian, and the children will soon be reading them! To end the day, some of the children joined us on our walk back to the university! It’s been a great first day and we can’t wait for tomorrow to come!

Challenge time: We hear that snow has been falling in the UK. For your challenge today, we would like you to find out the temperature in Njoro today and work out the difference between Knutsford and Njoro!