The Egerton Curriculum


The curriculum at Egerton Primary School firmly underpins the school vision and aims.  It is the totality of the children’s learning experiences.  We believe that all children have the right to a broad, balanced, challenging and relevant curriculum which provides continuity and progression and takes individual needs into account. At Egerton we recognise that children need a well-rounded school experience to succeed, and that personal development is essential to their well-being and achievement.

We believe in developing independent active learners and in giving children increasing responsibility for aspects of their own development.  We believe that learning is a continuous process involving the acquisition, interpretation and application of skills, knowledge and concepts and on developing positive attitudes.

The aims of the curriculum are to promote high standards and good progress for all learners. A thematic approach is taken to exploit opportunities for cross curricular teaching and purposeful learning to ensure a fusion of excellence in teaching with enjoyment in learning. A strengthened focus on Mathematics and Literacy is employed and taught explicitly as well as using opportunities to apply learnt skills embedded throughout the curriculum. Children’s understanding of computing and the use of technology is used to enhance learning across the curriculum.

Specialist Music Tuition is taught throughout the school. In Year 5 the children experience weekly specialist teaching from music tutors from the Wider Opportunities Scheme. Throughout the year they are taught to sing and play a musical instrument. At the end of the school year to children celebrate their achievements by playing with the Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall. A high proportion of children continue to play their chosen instrument and take part in local competitions as well as music exams. Egerton has an amazing school choir that has been run by parents for many years. They perform in school regularly, in the local community, in competitions or other events such as the Cheshire Show. Vocal coaches from the Cheshire Love Music Trust also work closely with the school in providing the children with exciting singing projects and opportunities to perform.

The National Curriculum is organised as follows:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage                   -           up to 5 years old
  • Key Stage 1                                             -           5 to 7 years old
  • Key Stage 2                                             -           7 to 11 years old

If you would like to learn more please view our subject pages and class pages for detailed planning.