Summer Week 1

Week 1 Resources

Hello Everyone!

Here, I have attached all of Week 1's resources that you will need. I have written the day at the beginning of every document so that you know what documents you will need on each day. I have also attached a document called: 'Week 1 Links & Resource List'. This details all of the video links you may need to follow and a simple list of everything you will need everyday. 

Please remember, that every morning at 9am I will be posting a morning video on See-Saw which will explain all of the children's activities for each day and I will also be uploading all of the worksheets you can see on the website onto See-Saw as well! 

You will notice that every day varies on the amount of worksheets that the children have. This is because some of the work they will complete in their exercise books. Please note that if you do not have a printer - do not panic! All of these worksheets are adaptable to be completed in their books and I will explain everyday how this is possible. 


Files to Download