Summer 2, Week 1

All activities and templates are attached below with the date they are for. There will be more resources for some of the days as some of the taks will be online or won't require any worksheets. Please see the document titled Overview and Links so you know what is expected each day and can access the websites/videos more easily. 

All activities are now only uploaded to the website but please still check in to Seesaw each morning from 9am for the morning message outlining the activities and for any additional videos I upload relating to the work.

Don't worry about printing worksheets. They are all easily adaptable and can just be completed in the exercise books provided.


  • Do what you can and when you can. Do not worry if all activities have not been completed
  • Make time for play and relaxation - still do the things you love and enjoy spending time with your family
  • Do not worry if work is not posted on a particular day - just do whatever is possible 

Any problems or questions, let me know. 

Files to Download