The Achieving team

This year our school council has been renamed as the achieving team. The 'team' stands for together everyone always matters and we decided on using the word 'achieving' because we work hard to ensure that all children at Egerton achieve the highest standards they can. We do this by talking to all the children in school to find out what is important to them in terms of helping them to make progress and ensure that the children at Egerton receive the best learning experiences possible.

Each member of the 'Achieving team' was democratically elected by each class to ensure that the children of Egerton have a voice which is listened to and acted upon.

Our Vision

A school where every child is happy and excited to attend each day and every member of our school feels proud of their achievements.

Mission statement

We will strive to make our vision a reality by:

. Asking the children well planned and thought out questions

. Listen carefully to every member of the school and find out their views, thoughts and feelings

. Share the children's voice and find ways to support all learners in making progress

. Plan carefully what we can do to support all learners to achieve our vision

. Work with members of the school and community to ensure that we achieve our vision