Global Learning Programme

The Global Learning Programme

What is the Global Learning Programme for England?

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is a Government funded initiative that aims to help schools prepare young people for this changing world, by supporting teachers in understanding development education and feeling more confident in delivering global learning to their pupils. The GLP supports schools to start on their global learning journey by training teachers, demonstrating how to embed good practice across the whole school and enabling teachers and schools to take control and ownership of their global learning practice.

As an Expert Centre, Egerton will provide practical peer-led support, training sessions and networking with colleagues from like-minded schools. In this way, they will work with schools to embed global learning into their everyday practice and make it sustainable in the long term.

Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, 2013 - now Secretary of State for Education (2016):

‘The Global Learning Programme will teach young people about some of the challenges the world faces; supporting teachers to help pupils think critically about issues such as development, security, trade and sustainability. I hope that this knowledge will inspire children to grow up and run the global businesses and organisations of the future, investing in the world we want.’

The GLP is intended to be a whole school programme. Global learning principles at Egerton are apparent in the curriculum, pastoral work and in the wider life of the school. It is not just about global learning being delivered through geography or any other single subject, or about the occasional assembly.

The GLP aims to:

  • help young people understand their role in a globally interdependent world and explore strategies by which they can make it more just and sustainable,
  • familiarise pupils with the concepts of interdependence, development, globalisation and sustainability
  • enable teachers to move pupils from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality
  • stimulate critical thinking about global issues, both at a whole school and pupil level
  • help schools promote greater awareness of poverty and sustainability
  • enable schools to explore alternative models of development and sustainability in the classroom.


Alison Hooper on the National Global Learning Programme

Egerton Primary School Knutsford is an Expert Centre for the National Global Learning Programme (GLP) and has been since 2014.

In this video Alison Hooper, Headteacher at Egerton, discusses the importance of global learning with Clive Belgeonne, GLP National Leader for the North of England.

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