Academy Conversion

We have communicated with parents and families over the last month regarding our proposed academy conversion and joining Knutsford Multi-Academy Trust. We understand that change and uncertain times can create worry and we are keen to ensure we stay in touch with you along this process to ensure we answer any questions you may have. As a result of feedback gathered from surveys, we have confirmed an informal drop-in at the parent’s evenings at the end of March to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and talk to our Governors about the process.

We now have a quiet period in terms of the process whilst we await the Head Teacher’s Board at the beginning of March. This is the formal forum for all academy conversion applications to be considered. Once we have a decision we will then start the full process to convert which involves a lot of back-office administration and working with the Trust to ensure everything is in place. During this time our children will not see anything happening in school. Our name, uniform, and our unique family ethos will not be affected and will not change. We are passionate in building upon the great school we already have and our decision to join Knutsford MAT will only strengthen our relationship and the opportunities available to our children and staff.

Our target date to convert is 1st June 2018, however there is always a risk that this date could be delayed once we start to go through the finer detail of the work required. Throughout the process we will stay in touch with all staff, parents and families to update you on any changes and developments. In the meantime, we wanted to thank you for your involvement so far and to invite anyone with any concerns or questions to contact the school. If you have completed the online survey, thank you for your feedback. The survey will remain open for some time if you would like to take a few minutes to complete; alternatively, please visit our Governors at parents evening.

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