End of Year Expectations

How does my child's attainment compare to other children in England?

There are now government lists of the things children are expected to be able to do at the end of each year group. The government call these Year Group Expectations and you will find a list of them by clicking on the link to your child's year group below. If your child is meeting these expectations, they are working at the level they need to attain in order to keep pace with other children around the country. It demonstrates that they are ready for the following year's work. This is described as 'secure'.

To make sure the children are assessed accurately against the new national curriculum, we have worked with other Knutsford schools to develop a new assessment system. It means that every child will be assessed against the stage they are working at as either commencing, developing, secure, advanced and deep.

From September 2015 every child will be given their reading, writing and maths assessment grid matched to their stage in development and teachers and children will continually assess the learning against the objectives set

Please be aware that these year group expectation lists represent much higher demands and expectations than in previous years. If your child is meeting the expectations for their year group, they have done very well. Children in Key Stage 2 are having to catch up with work that will now be done earlier in school so they have a particularly tough job to do in meeting the new expectations.

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