Week 5 - Whatever Next

Date: 27th Jan 2020 @ 11:45am

Our text focus this week has been Jill Murphy's Whatever Next - where baby bear attempts to fly to the moon. This is such a classic story so we will be continuing work on it next week too! We have also:

  • Learnt ow and oi in phonics
  • Written a diary enteries in Literacy
  • Explored length in Maths
  • Baked star biscuits with Mrs Poynton
  • We have used spray bottles to create painted galaxies
  • Made aliens from the play dough - adding googly eyes of course
  • Completed show and tell
  • Access teach your monster to read, we are doing so well on this now!
  • Completed our number challenges for the NSPCC number day, including some spainish numbers.
  • Had a disco in PE

Homework this week is maths based and in your child's file.Next week is our last week before the half term break and also our last week on space so all items will be returned home, many thanks to all who sent items in to support our learning in this area.

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