Week 6 - Elmer

Date: 10th Oct 2019 @ 4:22pm

This week we have based our work on the text Elmer, we have:

  • Learnt i and n in phonics 
  • Used our sounds when writing in Literacy, thinking about what Elmer would say
  • Been using a tens frame in maths to count numbers to 10, using Elmer in our problems
  • Created textured names at the craft table
  • Used cubes to print our own patchwork elephant
  • Explore colour mising using ice cubes
  • Used mini pumpkins at our fine motor table
  • Explored rainbow rice in the water tray

This weeks homework is handwriting and the letter s and a in cursive style. Please complete the large letter using coloured pencils, tracing it at least 5 times before using pencil to form your own letters below.

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