Our New Arrival

Date: 14th Jun 2019 @ 5:41pm

Stunning Start

We began our first day with a very exciting discovery! A beanstalk had grown inside our classroom! Attached to the beanstalk was a letter from 'Jim' who had climbed down the beanstalk to tell us he needed our help. He is going to set us some missions over the nexr 7 weeks all about different types of plants. He needs us to research about these plants and find out lots of new informaton including the names of some common plants, how they grow, what they need and eventually we are going to design our very own garden's fit for the giant! We were very excited to get started with our mission straight away. We started by designing some special glasses that we must wear when we are doing a job for Jim. We started by writing a list of questions that Jim might want us to find out for him and we will spend these next few weeks exploring all of these. 

I think the Year 1's are loving our new theme and have been very enthusiasitc about some of the work we have been up to so far! 

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