Egerton's First Video Game

Date: 13th Jan 2023 @ 11:21am


Egerton Primary is proud to publish a video game designed by our very own Nate in Y5. So much work has gone into the design, coding and play-testing of this multi-level Kodu game. It promises fun, challenge and lots of excitement! Players go on an trip across the solar system from the moon, to mars and finally the majestic neptune!

Downloading and playing is simple: first install the free software Kodu from Microsoft, then download Nate's game by following this link.

Double-click the downloaded file and enjoy!

Instructions by Nate:

Controls: keyboard arrow keys.

Level 1: Go round the track and touch the push pad

Level 2: Dodge the missles and reach tiger printed ground

Level 3: Avoid the pale green and pale blue floor or it's game over - to win, touch the push pad