Day 1 at Pensarn

Date: 19th Mar 2018 @ 7:33pm

Day 1 at Pensarn:

A big hello from Pensarn! The first day is always such a magical day as the children see Pensarn for the first time! We were welcomed by beautiful blue skies and snow on top of the mountains. We went down to the beach straight away to enjoy the sun and do some rock pooling! We managed to find a jellyfish, lots of limpets and a couple of periwinkles. 

The children have all settled in really well and have loved unpacking and organsing their rooms. We have just enjoyed a lovely tea of pizza and apple crumble (yum!). We are all very excited for our activities tomorrow! We have gorge walking, raft building, kayaking and archery! We are currently writing in our journals and reflecting on our day! 

Mrs Sumser 

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Anna Martin wrote:

WOW! It looks absolutely amazing. It looks like you have had such fun today, and tomorrows activities sound brilliant.
We are missing you lots, Jacob! The house is very quiet without you here, but i think Olivia is enjoying it.
Have a fabulous day tomorrow.

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Kieran Southern wrote:

Pensarn looks fantastic! Looks like you’ve all had a great time today, sounds like a busy day tomorrow!

The house is quiet without you here Ollie, Cashew was looking for you earlier! :)

We are all missing you lots x

Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

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jane Brodie wrote:

What a magical place! So lovely to see your lovely photos, thank you! Wishing you all an amazing adventure and fun packed week. I hope the beautiful blue skies continue all week. Wrap up warm!
We are missing you Ella but hope you are having a wonderful time with your friends Xx

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Maxine Smale wrote:

Your time on the beach looks fab, although a little chilly! Enjoy your activities tomorrow, can't wait to hear about it 😊

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Samantha Châtelet wrote:

Great photos - thank you for sharing! It looks fantastic - Hugo I know you will be enjoying it! Hope you all get a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow’s activities. Missing you Hugo! Watching Mary Berry with Hannah tonight. Big hugs from all of us!

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Francesca’s Mum wrote:

Loving the pizza and crumble - 2 of my favourites. Hope you’ve saved me some, although not sure it will keep until Friday.
Looks a fantastic place and hope you are having lots of fun. Lots of wonderful things still to come! Can’t wait to hear all about it.
We are missing you of course and Bailey is snoring loudly.
Lots of love from us all xxx

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Lesley Judge wrote:

So pleased the sun is shining for you! We’re all missing you lots Amy but have an amazing time!

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Lucy McDonough wrote:

Fab photos look at the snow on the mountains!
Pizza and Apple Crumble for tea, bet Isla was happy with that!!
Enjoy your day tomorrow can't wait to read the blog.

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Michelle Rustige wrote:

What a beautiful sunny afternoon you had, hope you enjoyed your time on the beach. Noodle keeps going in you bedroom looking for you and the house is very quiet. Have a fantastic day tomorrow.
Missing you lots xxx

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Certainly looks chilly down on the beach. Beautiful surroundings.
Good Luck to the teachers getting Leah out of bed in the morning!!
Have a fun and safe day tomorrow. Cant wait to hear about it!

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Esther Higgs wrote:

What a beautiful place! You all look so happy 😊. Have a wonderful time Anabelle. Love from Mummy. X

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Nathalie Poutineau wrote:

What a gorgeous place, have lots of fun😄. So glad that you had the sunshine to welcome you today. Enjoy tomorrow activities can’t wait to read your blog tomorrow. So lovely to see all your photos. Mathilde carry on wearing your hat as I can spot you easily on the pictures!!!!😉
Bisous bisous Mathilde...😊

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Yulia Evans wrote:

Great photos reflecting beautiful place and weather & our happy children. I wish I could enjoy all your fun activities with you tomorrow :-) Have another wonderful day.

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Lisa Ellis wrote:

Looks fabulous!
Sounds like tomorrow will be a lot of fun, look forward to hearing all about it.
Missing you Rubes xxx

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Kate Lang wrote:

Wow Henry, what an amazing time you’ve had already! Have a wonderful day today and I hope the sun is shining for you all. Big hugs from all of us xx

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Tracy guy wrote:

Wow looks good Liam.enjoy yourself and have fun . Love mum and dad

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Louise Ray wrote:

Such a beautiful place, enjoy every second kids, Friday will be here before you know it xx

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BeverleyHill wrote:

Ah they look like they having fun jealous enjoy year 5 have a fantasic time , missing Kim loads xx

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Lucinda Eyre wrote:

Looks like a great first day, lots of smiling faces, bet they all slept well after that bracing sea air. Thanks for sharing. Hope everyone has a fab trip and I can't wait to hear all about it on Friday Jasmine. x

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Emma Parks wrote:

Aren’t you all so lucky with the weather?!! The pics look amazing.. I hope you’re all having a fantastic time.. I’m just down the road in Beaumaris so I might pop in for a cup of tea! Only kidding!..🤪 enjoy the adventure.. have fun & I can’t to hear all the stories.. thinking of you all Xx

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Maisie old year 6 wrote:


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Isla McDonough wrote:

I loved pensarn and rockpooling was fun!!

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Anabelle wrote:

Pensarn was AMAZING!!!! Thank you to all the teachers and staff of Pensarn for giving us the best time we possibly could!!

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